Harold is consistently the one who does every job right the first time and doggedly follows through to completion whatever he starts. He is a meticulous task organizer and manager with an ability to see the end goal and reach it. His ability to prioritize the workload of those under his guidance to meet that goal is remarkable. He often brings diverse groups of individuals to common ground quickly to produce impeccable media products. He is a bottom line, to the point communicator; yet does it with an easy flair that puts others at ease in understanding.

Harold is a wonderfully talented video producer. Harold has excellent dedication and outstanding people skills which added with his thorough knowledge of all things technical lead to a great working relationship. Harold is very talented and creative when it comes to video production (and audio production). He is very attentive to details and has a vast array of knowledge of systems, software and video editing techniques. He also has a wide range of talent and knowledge in terms of live video production. On many occasions, Harold has worked insane hours to ensure that a production is ready to go and will go as flawlessly as possible. When problems arise, he is quick on his feet, maintains a deadpan resolution to solve it, and always ends up remaining calm and collect. Harold is just easy to work with and a joy to be around!l